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  • positive review  I am very choosy in selecting partners and service providers for a trip because no one wanna spoil that leisure time. I had a chance to spend a weekend in Sharan woods with Paktouring last month. It was so secure and smoothly planned that I am planning to hire their services for a family trip. I highly recommend this tour agency to everyone whether you are a student, professional or a group for family members to plan their trip with its team. Their team is not only experienced and well versed with the worth-seeing spots in Pakistan but also familiar with the cultural beauty of those areas. Similarly, their activities are planned in a way that you become friends to each other within short time and enjoy every moment of your trip. It is a perfect partner for your touring needs. Thank you Paktouring for that living memories. 😊

    thumb Azmat Yaseen

    5 star review  Travelled through the country with some of the most amazing people. I came across the page last year in winter when I needed a quick affordable getaway from university. I visited the Gilgit Baltistan area including Naltar, Karimabad City, Chillas and Basham with Abdullah's team. The trip was phenomenal because the team's efforts were detail oriented, the itinerary was well constructed and Abdullah's management of the entire trip was very innovative throughout. Top notch facilities were promised and delivered. A first-timer traveler with a local traveling agency, I was skeptical about the idea initially, but Abdullah went out of his way to make sure the entire trip was an ecstatic experience for all of us. Pak Touring Club is definitely my go-to travel agency for a smooth, enriching, affordable and of course a memorable travel experience. All the best!

    thumb Ameesha Ahmed Khan
  • 5 star review  Although it was my first expierence with a travelling agency. All i can say is that this was one of the best moments of my life travelling with these guys. Superb service, friendly environment and most imp of all they don’t treat you like customers. They treat you like family. InshaAllah will go for another trip with you guys soon InshaAllah. �

    thumb Uzair Ahmed

    5 star review  Went with the Pakistan Touring Club to North (Hunza, Naltar, Islamabad) in January 2017. After giving my exams I wanted to go enjoy myself and choosing Pakistan Touring Club was one of the best decision I made. The entire trip was well planned, and in the short time we had we managed to see numerous sites and breathtaking landscapes including Eagles Nest, baltit Fort, Attabad Lake and the snow capped mountains of Hunza.

    thumb Mohammad Ali Khawar
  • 5 star review  Travelled to Naltar with PTC in the year 2017, it was bench setter for me. Everything was perfect, knowledge of organizer was amazing, the group was well managed. Best of luck PTC. Hope to see you soon.

    thumb Umair Shaikh Rehmat

    5 star review  I had visited Naltar Valley with PTC. It was an exceptionally amazing experience which had been well managed. The entire trip was smooth and on schedule with accommodations which exceeded expectations. There was much to learn as well and we were given enough time to explore each area on our own as well as with tour guides. This trip was amazing mainly thanks to the extreme dedication of the organizers. They were very professional in dealing everything and very cooperative throughout the trip. Would recommend them.

    thumb Syed Faizan Haider
  • 5 star review  I was visiting from Canada and looking for a nice adventure with my high school friend. We got referred to this group by another travel company and were extremely pleased with the result. The transport, accommodation and food were all great. I loved the itinerary and was impressed with the provision of back up plans in case of any unexpected turns like weather and road blockages(these can be common in the mountainous highways). Would not hesitate to go with PTC again

    thumb Usman Yacoob

    positive review  Nice trek up the hill. On a clear day, Mukshpuri tops command views to Kashmir. The trail goes all the way to the top of the hill which is flat at the top and there you can experience some of the amazing scenic beauty of the landscape . Its a great location for day hike and what makes this trip even better is Paktoring assistance. I highly recommend everyone of you to come and join paktouring because they are simply amazing.

    thumb Ahmed Malik
  • 4 star review  Well, our tour was more of a sudden plan. Sufyan and I were looking for different tours by plenty of other tour guides and clubs marketed on Facebook, then came across a tour provided by Pakistan Touring Club. It was a complete 11 days package which included destinations like Chillas, Naltar, Hunza, Gilgit and Besham. Proper accommodation and facilities were provided. All our individual needs were catered. Loved their hospitality, and generosity. They are friendly people with big hearts. The best part was that they managed to plan a surprise birthday bonfire for me at Chillas, Which made my birthday even more special. We explored Attabad Lake, Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi Viewpoint on our way as well. All and all it was an amazing experience lead by phenomenal people. Keep it up guys. Will love to go on your upcoming tours as well.

    thumb Aqdas Ejaz

    positive review  Had a one day trip to Kund Malir and it was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to have more fun with the trips in future.😊

    thumb Santosh Raj Sahtiya
  • 5 star review  I have had the experience to travel with this club just last winters. The trip was to Northern areas of Gilgit - Baltistan and included places like Naltar (For Ski Competition), Karimabad City (in Hunza Valley), Chilas, Besham and many other wonderful places. All the facilities that were promised and even more were provided in a wonderful way. Overall the experience was more than awesome! Best of Luck Team Pakistan Touring Club! (Y)

    thumb Jawwad Ali Zuberi

    5 star review  One of the best decision i ever made was to go on a trip with PTC boyses. The people, the places, the experiences and all the small hiccups added up to become the best 11days of my life. Moreover this trip took me out of my comfort zone, and man, am i glad that happened. (Y)

    thumb Malik Abdul Rehman
  • positive review  It is usually hard for me to put trust in someone else planning a trip for me as I'm pretty specific about the stops and timing. But this one trip I went on with these guys to Kund Malir has really made me reconsider my prejudices about traveling with large groups. The organizers knew what was demanded and they delivered it in a very professional manner. The timings communicated were strictly followed, no unnecessary stops were made, and focus was laid on making both the journey and the destination enjoyable. Hunger and hygiene needs were efficiently managed, which for many are usually huge concerns. However, I'd suggest them to be more effective with on-ground communication. There were instances when a handheld loudspeaker could have been useful. Overall, though, a great experience. Pretty easy on the pocket too. Would travel with them again.

    thumb Wasiq Ahmed Tarar

    positive review  Amazing experience! Highly recommended! Wish to travel again with them

    thumb Kashif Ali Khan
  • positive review  Great service. Would look forward to touring with them again.👍

    thumb Danyal Ahmed

    5 star review  Traveling first time to the North, I was highly anxious selecting a group. Fortunately, the choice turned out to be really amazing. Everything was really awesome. Despite the nominal price, traveling and accommodation was really nice. More importantly the itinerary was very well planned and implented allowing us to make the best of all the destinations on the list. Also, the organizing members were extremely humble and caring, making sure of all the needs.

    thumb Ebad Syed
  • positive review  It was an Amazing experience! I would Highly recommend everyone to travel and explore different places with Pak Touring. Looking forward to travel again with them.

    thumb Irtiza Khan Baloch

    positive review  Had an amazing experience travelling to Sharan Forest with Paktouring. It was my first overnight stay with a travel company, but thankfully it went very smoothly. Everything from the food, to the accommodation to the transport was handled really well by the management. Will definitely go on more tours with Paktouring in the future. 🙂

    thumb Shayan Jamy
  • positive review  Ever Since I had moved to Islamabad, I always heard of one spot from my friends and cousins to go to, whenever the topic was specifically related to “hiking for the beginners”, and it was Mukshpuri Tops. So finally after almost 5 years of “always wanting to go” I got a chance and went out there with Paktouring. Honestly, I consider myself lucky for choosing them at the first place. Everything was so well organized and managed. Organizers were clearly working behind the scenes for making sure that we all were safe, well, and taken care of. They simply made the trip less stressful. Apart from how managed and comforting trip was I met some really amazing people. I could not be more pleased with every component of my adventure THANKYOU!!!!!

    thumb Suman Saeed

    positive review  Went to Sharan Forest with Paktouring. Abdullah was very efficient in managing everything, had a great time. Keep up the good work! 👍

    thumb Fatima Mushtaq